SEO Packages

Organic SEO refers to a website gaining a natural placement in the search results, through its content, backlinks, authority, and popularity, as opposed to Paid Advertising which forces a site to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Search engines regularly alter and improve their algorithms, making ranking high in the search results a never-ending battle! There are however, various proven SEO strategies that are always essential for improving your organic ranking:

  1. Study what is working for Online Competitors.
  2. Perform a Keyword Analysis to see what real people are searching for in Google.
  3. Boost keyword usage and click rates by improving off-page Title Tag and Meta Description.
  4. Ensure content is high-quality and highly relevant to the topic and is also optimised for:
    • Keywords usage
    • Internal linking to related topics to create topic clusters
    • SERP features, such as ‘People also ask’
  5. Optimise Images by, reducing file size, adding descriptive file names and ALT Tags.
  6. Optimise URL’s so they are concise, logically constructed and keyword-optimized.
  7. Boost Link Authority by increasing the number of internal links and topic clusters.
  8. Boost Site Authority by increasing the backlinks pointing to a site from reputable websites.
    • Avoid Toxic backlinks from automated programs, buying links, low-quality sites, and over-use.
  9. Ensure website is built using the latest W3C standards and all software is up-to-date.
  10. Improving User Experience (UX) by reducing website load time to under 3 seconds will increase your points with Google.

Puro Design can provide a range of SEO Packages to suite your needs, but if you are just starting your SEO journey, then we highly recommend our SEO Starter Package below.

SEO Starter Package

Our SEO Starter Package focuses on ensuring that your website has the essential components to help your site get noticed by search engines like Google, and rank organically in their search engine results pages (SERPs).

It provides a good starting point for all proven SEO strategies, for you to build on in the future:

  • Keyword Analysis to determine popular search phrases & 10 target keywords.
  • Set-up Google Analytics & Search Console to track site activity.
  • Install & configure a reputable SEO Plugin.
  • Create XML sitemap & index with Google.
  • Insert keyword rich Title Tags & Meta Descriptions for 10pgs.
  • Insert keyword rich Page Titles for 10pgs.
  • SEO Report providing an assessment & recommendations for the following:
    • Google Business Profile
    • Who your online competitors are
    • Performance for Search Queries in Google
    • Rank Position in Google for 10 target keywords
    • On-Page Keyword Occurrence on Home page only
    • Image Optimisation (File Size, File Names and ALT Tags)
    • Page Indexing in Google
    • User Experience (Page Speed, Mobile Usability)
    • Link Authority (External & Internal Link Quantity)
    • User Acquisition & Engagement
    • WordPress & Plugins versions
    • Website Security Check & Malware Scan
    • Website W3C Code Validation

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