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Free Brand Image Audit

Solve your image problems…

It’s a good idea to do a simple image audit on your business. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds and can be very enlightening. Collect everything that carries your logo or business image: your letterhead, business cards, promotional flyers, photos of signage, snapshots of web pages, emails etc. Lay them out on a table, step back and take a look at them while imagining that you’ve never seen them before.

Then ask yourself …

How many businesses are being represented here?

If the answer is more than one then you have an image problem.

If you like parts of your branding and don’t want to go to the expense of having a whole image makeover, Puro Design can run through this exercise with you. We can advise you on what elements work and how we can create a uniform brand identity that is carried through all of your branded material.