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FindHer Online Directory

FindHer Online Business Directory

Supporting Women in Business The FindHer Online Business Directory is a business directory offering support for Women Small Business Owners in Australia. Developed by the amazing and passionate Karley Beadman, a Marketing Specialist, her goal is to create the largest database of businesses owned or operated by women in Australia where online shoppers can easily search for and compare products and services, thus saving the customer time and money in her endeavours to supp
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Carbon Positive Australia - Tree Planting 2023

WOW! We donated even more trees this year!

We can’t believe it, we have donated 145 trees to Carbon Positive Australia in 2023!! What an achievement, we are so pleased and so thankful to all our wonderful clients who placed an order with us this year. Carbon Positive Australia is an amazing charity that helps organisations, communities, and individuals take climate action by developing restorative projects and by being on the ground and planting the trees themselves.  We donate a tree for all orders such a
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Carbon Positive Australia - Tree Planting 2022

We’ve smashed our goal & donated 127 trees in 2022!

We are overwhelmed with how many trees we have been able to donate this year. We had a goal to donate 100 trees to Carbon Positive Australia in 2022, and we have smashed this and donated 127. Thank you so much to everyone who placed an order with us this year, your support is amazing. We donate a tree for all orders such as: Contact Puro Design to place your order today and plant a tree tomorrow!
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Puro Design donated 200 trees

We’ve donated 200 trees to be planted in Australia

In 2020, we started a new mission to help #RebuildAustralia after the bushfires. We decided to donate a tree for every order we received and with this year’s donations, we have now donated a whopping 200 trees to Carbon Positive Australia. Carbon Positive Australia is a charity that helps organisations, communities, and individuals take climate action by contributing to tree planting and land restoration projects. At Carbon Positive Australia, they develop and
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How many trees did we plant in 2020?

The final tally is in… we are delighted to announce that we smashed our goal to plant 100 trees in 2020, with a grand total of 112 trees donated to Carbon Positive Australia. A huge thank you to all our clients who stood by us and supported us during the year that was 2020…you made this happen. We are so pleased with our achievement that we are going to continue donating one tree for every order placed in 2021. #RebuildingAustralia #plantatree
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Puro Design has donated 45 trees

We’ve donated 45 trees towards rebuilding Australia

Thanks to your support, even during the pandemic, we have been able to donate 45 trees and we’re only half way through 2020! For the small business that we are, this is a great achievement for us. But, we have even BIGGER goals for the future, and we need your support. Australia is among the 11 worst countries for deforestation, made even worse by the bushfires at the start of the year. Did you know that from 2015-2016, Queensland alone cleared over 395,000 hectare
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Puro design COVID Recovery

Small Business COVID-19 recovery

$10,000 Government Adaption Grant Program opens 1st July Did you happen to miss out on the first round of QLD Government funding for COVID affected businesses? Well the good news is that round 2 is just around the corner. To help get businesses get back on their feet, the grants focus is on the development and growth of businesses through implementing improvements to their marketing and web presence. The applications are on a first in first serve basis, so if you blink y
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Puro Design planted their first tree

We have planted our first tree

Puro Design has set the ball rolling and made our first donation to help restore the Australian landscape back to health. Once the fires have settled and the land is ready to take on new trees, it is forecasted that over 6 million trees will be needed to restore Australia. Make one of them your tree, by placing an order with Puro Design today! While the funds donated by Puro Design, will not put trees in the ground for some time, by supporting this cause now you are.....
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Puro Design Rebuilding Australia Plant A Tree

Rebuilding Australia – Plant A Tree

Australia is currently experiencing one of the largest natural disasters in history. This year's fire season has brought about unprecedented destruction as wildfires have spread across every Australian state, burning up nearly 6 million hectares (15 million acres) of bush as of January 2020....
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