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Artos Woman

Brand Design

Artos is Celtic for bear – the perfect symbol for that enigmatic balance in a woman who will in one moment defend her loved ones with every fibre of her being like a wild grizzly will defend its young and in the next bring warmth and comfort to them like a much loved teddy bear.

The Artos Woman searches for ways to draw on the strength of her inner grizzly for her achievements and successes while maintaining the joyous delights of her inner teddy for her relationships and spirituality.

The Celtics also have a wonderful way of embracing the journey of a woman from maiden to mother to crone. For the Artos Woman becoming a crone is a season to be celebrated and a coming of age to be rejoiced and embraced.

Since we can’t stop the slow progression of time and the effects it has on our bodies, families, relationships and minds we might as well embrace it and find ways to be empowered by it. ‘The Essence of a Woman’s Journey’ is a place for us to share this journey and to share the tools and resources to not only survive it but to thrive in it

We provided a huge brand package for Artos Woman, which included:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design + Print
  • Letterhead + With Compliment Slip Design + Electronic Versions
  • Book Design
  • CD Label Design
  • Gift Certificate Design + Print
  • Newsletter Design
  • Pop-up Banner Design
  • Website Design