Puro Design Rebuilding Australia Plant A Tree

Rebuilding Australia – Plant A Tree

Australia is currently experiencing one of the largest natural disasters in history. This year’s fire season has brought about unprecedented destruction as wildfires have spread across every Australian state, burning up nearly 11 million hectares of bush, destroying or damaging over 2,000 homes , 23 lives lost, and an estimated 1 billion-plus animals are dead, as of January 12th 2020.

What are we doing & how can you get involved?

Fundraising and insurance claims are well underway for the people of Australia, but what about Australia’s iconic wildlife? The habitats of Koalas, wombats, and kangaroos to name a few are rapidly declining and we want to help rebuild them.

For every order placed throughout 2020, Puro Design is pledging to plant a tree in Australia, using a registered Australian Charity who specialise in restoring the Australian landscapes with native trees.

You can help by placing an order with Puro Design or simply by spreading the word to all business owners who may require our type of services.

Donations can also be accepted via direct deposit or PayPal for those of you that don’t require our services, but would still like to plant a tree.

How will you know we have planted the trees?

The damage to the land affected by these extreme bushfires has to be assessed once the fires come to an end to know the extent of the damage and determine the right course of action for restoration. Native restoration needs planning and local seed collection, so it cannot happen immediately.

Recovering from the bushfires will be a slow process and it will take time and commitment. The charity that we are supporting are Carbon Neutral Charitable Funds, and certainly hope to be part of the process, planting as many trees as they can, for our Earth’s future.

Our CNCF has planted over 5.52 million trees across more than 4226 hectares and 177 sites in Australia since 2001, so we are confident that our donationations will go towards planting more native trees in Australia.

Hopefully, one of those trees will be donated by you!

While trees donated by Puro Design, will not go in the ground for some time, by supporting this cause now you are making sure that CNCF are ready to hit the ground running and repair this beautiful and iconic landscape.

Each month we will be tallying our orders and donating one tree per order to this fantastic cause. Any donations received will be used to donate as many trees as possible. We will send out updates to all clients with a special mention for those who have helped us plant a tree that month.

Together, we can make a difference.

Together, we’re #RebuildingAustralia