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Branding SOS: 7 signs your Business Branding needs a makeover!

Find out how to spot the warning signs of a stagnant brand and inject some pizzazz back into your business!

Dear fellow business owners,

Are you feeling like your brand is a little lacklustre?

Is it time to admit that it needs a touch of magic to stand out in today’s competitive market? 

Today, we’re pointing out those home truths that you may, or may not be ready to hear. Fear not, we’ve got the ultimate Branding SOS guide to help you get back into business!

  1. The Dinosaur:  Is your brand stuck in a time warp, reminiscing about the good old days?
    While nostalgia has its charm, it is time for a refresh, as you must also stay relevant and relatable to your audience.
    Tip: You don’t always need to change everything. Modernising your brand with a simple font or colour change could be all it takes. This will preserve the essence of your brand, whilst bringing it into the here and now!
  2. The Deflated Yawn: When your customers encounter your brand, do they scroll on by with a stifled yawn?
    If your logo and visuals fail to impress, then it’s time to shake things up. A dull brand can make you blend into the crowd instead of standing out.
    Tip: Re-energise your brand with a new logo and colour palette to replace those sleepy yawns with cheers of joy.
  3. The Mystery Machine: If your brand message feels like a riddle wrapped in an enigma, it’s time to clear the fog!
    Confusing messaging can push potential customers away. Crafting a clear and compelling brand story that resonates with your audience, creates a genuine connection.
  4. The Copycat Catastrophe: Is your logo looking a bit too similar to your competitors’?
    Your brand should be a unique reflection of your business identity. Redesigning your visuals to create a distinctive brand identity will set you apart from the rest.
  5. The Colour Conundrum: Are your colours less than inspiring?
    Colours have a powerful impact on emotions and perceptions. Exploring a new colour palette that aligns with your brand’s personality will help motivate your viewers and create a memorable experience for your customers.
  6. The MIA Mobile-Friendly Website: Does your website look terrible on your phone?
    Chances are, it looks like that on everyone’s phone! In this mobile-driven era, having a non-responsive website is like leaving money on the table. Your website should provide a seamless experience on all devices. Let’s revamp your website to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that your potential customers have a delightful browsing experience.
  7. The Sales Slump: Are you struggling to close the deal?
    If your business is experiencing a decline in sales, your brand might be the culprit. An outdated or unclear brand can lead to reduced engagement and trust. A refresh of your brand is likely to rekindle interest and boost customer confidence in your products or services.

There you have it, the 7 signs that indicate your brand needs a dazzling makeover. The good news is that with a bit of strategic thinking and creative flair, we can breathe new life into your brand and make it shine brighter than ever before.

Remember, your brand is your business’s first impression on the world, so let’s make it count! Stay tuned for more branding insights, tips, and tricks to help you unlock your brand’s full potential.

Get ready to soar to new heights with a brand that leaves a lasting impact on your audience! ???? ✨

Author: Kelly Jackson, Creative Director at Puro Design