The Puro Team

Meet the awesome people behind our wonderful creations


Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson | Founder + Creative Director

I have always had a passion for art and design; be it drawing, painting, interior design, graphic + website design, sewing or craft; I have always been creating something!! I gained my initial training in Fine Art and Interior Design in my teens and began creating beautiful homes and show homes around the UK.

Seeking the warmer weather and a new challenge I moved to Australia. Here I decided I needed to expand my creative knowledge, so I went back to school to study the wonders of Graphic and Website Design and in 2006 Puro Design was born!! I now have successful graphic and web design business in both Australia and the UK (where I am currently based).

Kelly’s Favourite Accomplishment:

Out of more than 5,000 submissions from 24 countries Puro Design was named a Bronze winner in the 2014 Summit Creative Award® competition for my creative work on the Resource Innovations Project. This has to be the highlight of my design career so far!!

Kelly’s favourite quote:

“A memory without blot or contamination must be . . . an inexhaustible source of pure refreshment”

Charlotte Brontë.

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Jessica | Website, App + Program Developer / Cool Nerd!

I graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2005 with a bachelors degree in Information Technology.  Up until 2011 I was employed by QUT during this employment I worked on numerous large scale projects such as the Workflow Patterns (animator and web designer), Genie Workbench (software developer and project lead of Genie Schedule) and YAWL: Yet Another Workflow Language (web developer).


Dave | Search Engine Optimisation Guru

If you want your website to reach No:1 in Google, then I am your man!! I live and breathe Search Engine Optimisation…keywords, link building, metadata…I specialise in the lot!